Top 10 Best Car Detailing Products

Top 10 Best Car Detailing Products

A list of must-have car detailing products.

If you want to keep your ride looking new and shiny, you need to do more than just regular washes. Taking the time to do a thorough detailing every few 3-6 weeks makes a huge difference in maintaining and protecting your ride.

We teamed up with Jet Mobile Car Wash & Detailing in Cathedral City to roundup the best car detailing products out there.


1. BEST Car Wash Soap: Pearl Auto Shampoo by P & S Detail Products

There are many car wash soaps out there but our pick goes to Pearl Auto Shampoo by P & S Products. This auto shampoo is gentle on sealant and wax coatings. It is also pH balanced to prevent any damage to other materials on your vehicle's surface.

2. BEST Interior Cleaner: Xpress Interior Cleaner by P & S Detail Products

3. BEST Wheel Cleaner: Firebird by Detail Empire

4. BEST Ceramic Coating: Legend by P & S Detail Products

5. BEST Coffee Stain Remover: Coffee Stain Remover by Bridgepoint Systems

6. BEST Polisher Machine: Maxshine M15 Pro 15mm/1000W Dual Action

7. BEST Polishing Pad:
Lake Country HDO Orange Polishing Pad

8. BEST Heavy Degreaser: Forte by Detail Empire

9. BEST Polishing Compound: Rupes Fine Polishing Compound

10. BEST Exterior Brush: Melgar's Medium-Duty Body & Wheel Brush