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Melgar's Auto Detailing Supplies

Filter Guard

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Are you tired of losing suction to your vacuum just minutes after you clean the filter.  Perhaps you’re tired of spending $30 to replace that filter on your wet dry vac.

The Filter Gaurd from Buff Brite products will solve both of those problems.  Your filter will last and last, and so will the full suction you expect from your equipment.

Just slide this over your filter and tighten the drawstring.  The weighted bag at the bottom will raise to the bottom of the filter when you turn on the backend. When the vacuum turns off gravity will do the rest.  The weight will drop and the bag will snap releasing any excess debris.

The bag is made from a completely nonstick material that is fully breathable.  This is truly the solution you’ve been looking for!

fits filters up to 11 inches in diameter and 12 inches long

*. Maintains full vacuum suction

*. Won’t let filter load up with debris 

*  Fits any Wet/Dry vacuum 

*  Non-Stick breathable material 

*  long lasting solution