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Melgar's Auto Detailing Supplies

Slow Is Faster Compound

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Slow is Faster Compound is a special formula to make paint corrections faster working in sections of 2x2 pads in the speed for force rotation or dual action 4-5. Slow is faster specializes in painting airplanes and helicopters and all kinds of high-end vehicles in which we need to save time without lowering the quality of our work to obtain a mirror-like finish.

Tip pro ; Apply 3 or 4 drops of product for each section to be worked on, clean the pad before applying the product, preferably with air to extend the life of the pad since the brushes wear out the pads. Be careful every 2 panels change the pad to prevent them from overheating and the result is uniform, at the end we recommend washing the pads with Blue Thunder Microfiber & Pad Cleaner to
paint correction wear face mask to avoid health problems.

-easy to remove and little dust
-professionals and body shops
-Reduces working time due to its ability to cut paint.