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Melgar's Auto Detailing Supplies

Wheels Up Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner - 16oz

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Wheels Up! is a Non Acid Gel Wheel cleaner Concentrate. The gel based is designed to easily remove dirt and brake dust from the surface safely. We have formulated the gel for safe use on any type of wheel.


Follow the recommend steps to maximize Wheels Up!


  1. Apply water to cool off the wheel surface before applying the product. Make sure that the surface is not hot.


  1. Apply Wheels Up! and leave on wheel surface for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, start brushing wheel with a tire  brush of your choice to remove.


  1. Once wheel brushing is done, rinse Wheels Up! Off wheels.


  1. We suggest using High End Tire Dressing from Melgar’s Auto Detailing Supplies after cleaning your tires with Wheels Up! To give a rich shine on your tires.


Dilution Instructions:

Light Duty: 1:10


Heavy Duty: 1:4